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Captain Keith Crutchley, pilot and tutor
Learn from a professional pilot

Your Personal Instructor in Aviation English

Your instructor, Keith, is a total aviation enthusiast and loves to chat about flying.  He grew up on the local airfield, hitching rides in aircraft whenever he could.

He was flying solo before he was allowed to drive a car unsupervised.  His career started in the military as an Air Force pilot and moved on to airline flying after 9 years.

He has flown experimental, military, general aviation and vintage types as well as modern jet aircraft, finishing off his career as a senior captain on the Airbus A380.

His passion for everything to do with flying is quickly obvious as is his willingness to share his experience and help others reach their goals.

Take the FREE 5-minute assessment and we will tailor a lesson plan that suits your needs and helps you to achieve your dreams.

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What We Do

Keith will discuss flying with you to help you improve your aviation English and in doing so prepare you for exams you may be getting ready to take.

  • Bespoke homework plans prepared with relevant material. Focus on the correct areas.
  • Prepare for your ICAO English Language Proficiency test.
  • Improve your conversational English in a structured or informal setting, as you prefer.
  • Discuss the role of Human Factors in Aviation, a particular favourite.
  • Take part in ATC communication role play to increase your confidence.
  • Prepare you for your interview.
  • Prepare you for a career in aviation.
  • Discuss Aviation Meteorology, operating in adverse weather conditions.
  • Help you with the basics of English, giving you the essential aviation keywords.
  • Covid 19 has disrupted many people’s plans and put training or careers on hold. We can help you improve the language skills you need while you wait for that next job.
  • Tall tales, tips and tricks… picked up in over 35 years around aircraft.
Unpacking the terminology

What is Aviation English?

Aviation English is the international language of civil aviation.  Since 1951, ICAO has recommended that English be used in international aeronautical radiotelephony communications.

Over the years miscommunication has been the cause of many aircraft accidents. From 2003 ICAO required a standardised English Language Proficiency Test.

This required aviation professionals to meet a defined proficiency in Aviation English which would be endorsed on their professional licenses.

But it is more than that…

Your qualified tutor

Keith Crutchley

Keith Crutchley

Have an informal chat about flying with Keith. Anything to do with flying is enthusiastically discussed.


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