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Keith is a total aviation enthusiast and loves to chat about flying.  He grew up on the local airfield, hitching rides in aircraft whenever he could.

He was flying solo before he was allowed to drive a car unsupervised. His career started in the military as an Air Force pilot and moved on to airline flying after 9 years. He has flown experimental, general aviation, vintage and modern jet aircraft, finishing off his career as a captain on the Airbus A380.

His passion for everything to do with flying is quickly obvious as is his willingness to share his experience and help others reach their goals.

Take the free 5-minute assessment and we will tailor a lesson plan that suits your needs and helps you to achieve your dreams.

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Keith Crutchley

Keith Crutchley

Have an informal chat about flying with Keith. Anything to do with flying is enthusiastically discussed.


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