Unpacking the terminology

What is Aviation English?

Aviation English is the international language of civil aviation… but it’s a lot more than that.

Journey with us as we unpack the official language used in international aeronautical radiotelephony communications.

What is Aviation English?

Aviation English is the international language of civil aviation. Since 1951, ICAO has recommended that English be used in international aeronautical radiotelephony communications.

Over the years, miscommunication has been the cause of many aircraft accidents. From 2003 ICAO required a standardised English Language Proficiency Test.

This required aviation professionals to meet a defined proficiency in Aviation English which would be endorsed on their professional licenses.

But it is more than that.

  • A lot of aviation study material is presented in English.
  • Aircraft Flight Manuals may only be available in English.
  • Large multi-national airlines have pilots from dozens of countries, many of whom will have English as a third or fourth language, all trying to communicate on the flightdeck, with the crew and with ATC.
  • The interview process at an international airline will be conducted in English.
  • The process of becoming an aviation professional, whether you’re aiming to be a pilot, cabin crew, ATC or work in another area, will be made a whole lot easier with a comfortable command of English.

We will work with you in a relaxed but professional manner, laying the concrete that will be the foundation of your long career. We will help you to master Aviation English, working through and helping you with an aviation vocabulary. Guided by the requirements of the ICAO English Level Proficiency Test, we will help you to reach your full potential.

Our tutoring experience has already helped numerous students pass their tests. We have helped students who range from new academy cadets to senior airline captains. We have helped students from China, Korea, Brazil, France, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to name but a few.

Whatever your flying experience, practising and brushing up on your English before a recurrent check, interview or maintaining overall professional standards is a great idea.

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